Plano ED Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


Dawson Wellness provides complete, discreet Plano ED treatment. Our staff knows you are bombarded with advertisements promising quick cures and better men’s health.

Perhaps you’ve even tried a few and found no success. The professional staff at Dawson Wellness understands that, for stronger erections in Plano TX, you must get to the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction before you can apply the cure. What are some of the issues we look at when making a treatment plan for Plano erectile dysfunction?


Medical history

The team behind Dawson Wellness’ ED treatment in Plano TX studies the medical history and current state of physical health of our clients to rule out any dangerous health concerns that could impact sexual health.

High blood pressure or cholesterol, heart disease, M.S., and diabetes are all contributing factors to the symptom of erectile dysfunction in Plano TX. The very first step in diagnosing and treating Plano erectile dysfunction is a complete understanding of the client’s physical wellbeing.


Environmental factors

The most honest, compassionate providers of Plano ED treatment will have an open discussion about the client’s habits and environment. If you smoke tobacco or marijuana, if you drink heavily, use prescription or street drugs, or even if you are overweight, these could all be contributors to your condition.

It can even be as simple as addressing sleep problems, like insomnia or interrupted sleep. It is best to closely examine the habits of which our clients can take control of and make necessary adjustments. We want to bring our clients in Plano stronger erections and that begins with an honest inventory of daily habits.


Psychological blocks

Did you know that depression and anxiety can have an impact on Plano erectile dysfunction? Men and women are often distracted with worry — worry over employment, health, relationships can negatively impact your sex drive. We have tools to assist in your successful treatment.

Dawson Wellness wants to help you plan your Plano ED treatment. Consult with our team.

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