McKinney Fat Deposit Reduction


Dawson Wellness is your source for McKinney fat deposit reduction and body contouring in McKinney TX.  You don’t have to live with unsightly dimpling or the appearance of lumpy skin due to cellulite or fat deposits.

The FDA has been approving new treatments and expanding your options for cellulite reduction in McKinney TX, too!


Dawson Wellness offers the most innovative treatments

Dawson Wellness founder Heather Dawson is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, who obtained her Bachelors and Masters of Nursing from Graceland University.  In addition to her board certification, Mrs. Dawson has aesthetic certifications in Juvederm, Botox, and many more.

Dawson Wellness has the expertise in cutting-edge, FDA-approved McKinney body contouring and McKinney fat deposit reduction treatments, designed to address your individual needs.

There are innovative new ways to perform McKinney cellulite reduction and fat deposit reduction in McKinney TX — Dawson Wellness stands at the forefront of these applications.

  • You may have heard about the breakthrough Cellulaze. This treatment can actually melt away the lumpy fat and loosen the connective tissues that form the lumps.
  • Zwave is also a newcomer in the treatment of cellulite reduction in McKinney TX and uses radial shock waves to treat mild to moderate cellulite deposits.
  • Vanquish is another device often used with Zwave. It employs radio frequency energy to destroy targeted fat cells, particularly in the abdomen area.

The team at Dawson Wellness will target your problem areas through a single treatment or a series of procedures.


Helping patients find effective, fat-fighting products

Great advances have been made in the effectiveness of cellulite creams. Caffeine is a primary ingredient for the proven results of invigorating skin while dehydrating fat cells. You can opt for a daily treatment by applying a cellulite cream of your choice with a vigorous massage to get the best results.

In your battle for McKinney fat deposit reduction, choose Dawson Wellness for younger, smoother skin.