McKinney Botox Injection


From McKinney Botox injection treatments, to dermal fillers and more — the team at Dawson Wellness offers some of the most innovative ways in which to erase deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Aging men and women can be very self-conscious when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines that have formed on their faces. While they may have tried a plethora of creams and other over-the-counter solutions, Dawson Wellness proves to offer treatments (i.e. face fillers in McKinney TX) that actually get the results they’re looking for.

With a Botox injection in McKinney TX, our staff can inject your face with a protein that relaxes the muscles, causing wrinkles and fine lines to fade away. Similarly, our McKinney face fillers plump up your skin, fortifying it with what it needs to overcome wrinkles and fine lines.

Patients often opt for our McKinney Botox injection treatments and face fillers because they are:

  • Quick and relatively painless. These are outpatient procedures that will only leave you with a little soreness and potentially some bruising.
  • Highly effective. Face fillers in McKinney TX, and Botox treatments, have proven to be some of the most effective ways to truly rid your face of wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-aging creams and lotions simply don’t get these results.
  • Our fillers and Botox go to work right away. You might wait weeks for creams and other anti-aging products to work.

Dawson Wellness also specializes in McKinney rosacea treatment. Rosacea is a condition that doesn’t go away and can make your face look red and broken out. We encourage you to talk to our staff about the various options for rosacea treatment in McKinney TX, including our laser treatment, which is highly effective in easing the symptoms of your condition.


Helping our patients look, and feel, their best

With McKinney Botox injection treatments and face fillers, we are able to help our patients recapture a youthful glow for their skin. Contact our staff to get started with a consultation.