Massage Services

Massage Products

Mother’s Earth Pillows 

During our massage appointments, we use heated Mother’s Earth Pillows to aid in relaxation. We have these available for order or purchase in our office or onlineMother Earth Pillows are filled with food-grade Golden Flaxseed and combined with Herbal Blends. They are manufactured in the United States using all-natural ingredients – Golden Flax, dried herbs, 100% cotton fabrics and recyclable/reusable packaging. 

Medical Massage

Medical Massage: What is medical massage? These days it seems like therapeutic or medical massage is almost a buzz word. But what is it? Therapeutic massage, medical massage or deep tissue massage is a form of massage that is intended to improve movement and increase range of motion. It is also used for reduction of soft tissue pain as well as helping to decrease pain or side effects of many medical conditions.

Sinus Massage: Allergies got you down? Sick and just want to be able to breath? Sinus massage is a gentle pressure over the sinus point of the face, neck, chest and arms. This pressure is used to help your body naturally drain. Combine this treatment with our Resperaid aromatherapy and and you have sinus pressure relief at it’s most relaxing!

Spa Services

Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage is usually regarded as the ultimate in relaxation, soft and moderate strokes are applied to the client towards the heart. However, there is a lot more benefit to a basic Swedish than formerly believed. Improved circulation and digestion, along with reduced stress and anxiety are just a few.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment: We start by massaging over a hot towel applied to your scalp and hair. We then use our proprietary five oil blend to gently drizzle warm oil along your hairline, massaging the treatment into the scalp and through the length of the hair.

Hot Stone Massage: Indulge yourself with a hot stone massage. Hot basalt river rocks are used to gently glide across the surface of your skin, relaxing the tissues, allowing a gentle release of the muscles.

Facial Massage: Clarify and brighten dull skin with our facial massage. We start by applying steamy towels to the face to open your pores. Next, we cleanse away dirt and oils with our Gypsy Pur Oatmeal Cookie facial cleanser. Once clean we exfoliate your skin with our brown sugar key lime polishing scrub, then apply an organic wildflower honey mask. While the mask sets we indulge you with an upper body massage and Hot Oil Treatment for your hair. Once the mask is removed, we then tone your skin with our organic rose and vitamin E toner followed by our pumpkin miracle moisturizer.

Body Scrubs: Body scrubs soften and exfoliate the skin. They start with a dry brushing that stimulates the lymphatic system. Soft strokes that work towards the heart are proven to increase circulation and prepare the skin for the scrub. Next, the scrub of your choice is gently massaged all over the body to remove dead skin, moisturize and even out skin tone then followed by a warm shower to rinse away the scrub. Once clean, you return to a warm massage table where a thick and lavish body butter is applied to the skin.

Meditation: Meditation is a way to clear the mind. Some people use it to relax and other to connect with themselves deeper, and there are others who use it as a tool for Prayer. There are as many correct forms of Meditation as there are people. However, there are many who find the art of sitting still and freeing their mind challenging. We do not teach an advanced form of meditation, more of a Meditation 101. Sitting still, opening your mind, breathing and relaxing visuals that we have found helpful in our lives.

Energy Work:The most common form of Energy work or healing that you hear of today is Reiki. Science has proven for us that our bodies are an electromagnetic current. When you discuss energy work or energy healing you discussing a subtle change in the magnetic and currents of the body. Energy work is deeply relaxing and done with your clothes on. It is known to increase healing and soothe many of the conditions that trouble us.

Energy & Meditation Session: We believe that both practices work together. While they can be done separately we like to start this session with a short time of meditation with the client, this not only allows the healer and the client to both enter into the energy session focused but also allows a chance for their energies to mingle and trust to form. Think about it in terms of having a conversation. For most of us, we are far more comfortable talking intimately with an old friend versus someone with whom we have just met.