Frisco Fat Deposit Reduction


When you try to find the best Frisco fat deposit reduction clinics, you will discover that many treatments simply don’t live up to their promises. Many women that find an outlet for cellulite reduction in Frisco TX are still left with dimpled, unimpressive skin in their problem areas.


Dawson Wellness wants to change that. 

At Dawson Wellness, our nurse, Heather Dawson, has been handling treatments like cellulite reduction in Frisco TX for more than 16 years. She has a Master’s in Nursing from Graceland University and has aesthetic certifications for Botox, Xeomin, Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse and facial aesthetics.


Our processes for fat deposit reduction in Frisco TX

Fat deposits are places where cholesterol has built under the skin. They make your skin look unattractive and sometimes cause pain. Frisco fat deposit reduction can be executed in several ways, but we will focus on body contouring and cellulite reduction for a moment.

  • Frisco body contouring: Our approach to body contouring in Frisco TX is to treat each patient individually and with compassion. For instance, we examine your skin to assess the extent of treatment you require. We use treatments like the Skin Pen, which helps reduce the appearance of sagging skin and treats several other skin issues. It works by creating micro ‘injuries’ in the skin to trigger collagen synthesis, which leads to smoother and younger looking skin. This treatment does not pose a risk of permanent scarring.
  • Frisco body cellulite reduction: Cellulite can negatively affect your confidence, especially if you frequent the beach or pool. Our laser technology Vanquish is one of the key methods we use to improve the look of cellulite. The Vanquish device targets and destroys fat cells in problem areas of your skin with radiofrequency energy. Patients are often positioned on a treatment table. The Vanquish device itself does not touch your body while it does its work. The treatment is fast and the recovery time is short.


Talk to us more about Frisco cellulite reduction

You do not have to live with skin fat deposit issues — everyone deserves to look their best at all times. We offer individualized Frisco fat deposit reduction treatments to our patients because each patient has different needs. Call us today at 214-544-8686 to learn more.