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Dawson Wellness is a medical and aesthetic practice owned and operated by Heather Dawson, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. We focus on health promotion, disease prevention, patient education, lifestyle coaching, and compassionate care. We offer a variety of medical and aesthetic services. 

Ask us about the Skin Pen, a state of the art medical device designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, stretch marks and sagging skin.

Aesthetic Services:

  • SkinPen
  • Botox & Xeomin
  • Juvederm, Ultra Plus & Voluma
  • Belotero
  • Radiesse
  • PDO Threads
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microcurrent
  • Acne Treatment Facial
  • Broadband Laser

McKinney Skin Rejuvenation


Experience McKinney skin rejuvenation that will provide you with noticeable results by teaming up with the compassionate staff at Dawson Wellness. Led by founder, and board certified nurse practitioner, Heather Dawson, Dawson Wellness provides a wide range of treatments that are designed to enhance the way that you look and feel.

Part of that comes with effectively combating the skin issues that men and women face as they get older. As a person ages, their bodies slow down the production of important hormones and their skin loses its luster, elasticity and vibrancy.

With a full complement of aesthetic services, including our popular McKinney non invasive body sculpting treatment, the team at Dawson Wellness can help you fend off some of the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles: When it comes to getting older, fine lines and wrinkles throughout your face are considered by most to be public enemy number one. While lines and wrinkles might seem impossible to prevent or erase, we offer a number of treatments that do exactly that. From Botox injections to a variety of other skin fillers — our staff can smooth over fine lines and wrinkles in all areas of your face.
  • Thin, sagging skin: When your skin looses firmness and elasticity, it can start to sag and cause you serious self-confidence issues. With our skin rejuvenation in McKinney TX, we are able to use our state-of-the-art technology to sculpt your body and eliminate this saggy skin in a non-invasive way.
  • General damage: Whether the sun or other outside elements have caused damage to your skin, our McKinney skin rejuvenation staff can work to repair it. From chemical peels to microdermabrasion methods — our team is able to cut through all forms of skin damage.

The list only goes on from there — cellulite, crow’s feet, unwanted body hair. The goal of our extensive aesthetic services is to help our wide range of clients look their best and feel younger.


Experience the compassionate care that you deserve

Many clients come to our clinic for the first time feeling insecure about their condition. We help men and women with everything from skin imperfections to vaginal tightening and erectile dysfunction treatments.

Our staff is comprised of true professionals that do not judge — we’re here to help you find the life-changing results you are looking for.

Our clinic is warm, inviting and filled with some of the most cutting-edge equipment available in the industry. This allows us to provide treatments like McKinney non invasive body sculpting that are quick, easy, pain-free and — most importantly — wildly effective.

Consult with our team and learn about the many helpful treatments we provide here at Dawson Wellness. Consider our team your go-to resource for McKinney skin rejuvenation.